Personality Profiling Tool

Welcome to your new life! School’s out forever, and you’re on the brink of a new world, full of exciting career opportunities – but freedom of choice can be extremely daunting!

Remember in Grade 1 or 2, when you knew you’d grow up to be a fire-fighter; a pop-star; an astronaut…? In fact, very few school-leavers go on to achieve their childhood dreams. The rest are faced with a bewildering array of options and a healthy dose of reality.

Some of us may be influenced by our parents’ desires, enrolling in studies that could be totally unsuitable, resulting in costly, wasted years – but the vast majority of school-leavers have no idea what they want to do.

What if you make a mistake, and end up trapped in a job you detest and dread?

Obviously, someone with a passion for art or drama will probably not make a happy, productive accountant … but most career decisions are far more complex.

Each of us has unique gifts, skills and personality traits that determine the vocation to which we are most suited. The way to discover your best fit, is to take our personality assessment.

Instead of putting people into labelled boxes, these accurate assessments (based on the work of pioneering Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung) are designed to help guide you to select a fulfilling career path, according to your individual personality type.

Utilise the FREE Cornerstone Personality Profiling Tool, understand your personality and propensity for stress related challenges, and choose the career that helps you to unlock the secret of your own life-potential!

Your career is your business. Isn’t it time for you to manage it as a CEO?

– D. Sher

Take the FREE Cornerstone personality test now, and unlock the secret of your own life-potential