Bachelor of Arts (Psychology major) | Advanced Level

Psychology III

Abnormal Psychology (12 credits)

This module examines the diagnosis, symptoms, causes, management and treatment of mental health problems and psychological disorders, with a focus on clinical assessment, and referral skills and procedures.

Theories of Personality (12 credits)

This module aims to provide an overview of theories concerning the shaping of personality. It will examine the influences – both personal and environmental – that impact on personality development. A particular dimension of this is the impact of child-rearing practices on the shaping of personality. The module will examine personality traits, and theories behind personality traits. Students will also have an opportunity to receive an evaluation based on a personal personality inventory.

Research Methods and Statistics (12 credits)

Research Methods is a foundational module presenting basic research and statistical methodologies in preparation for graduate studies in Human Sciences. Statistics II is designed to extend students’ understanding of quantitative statistics. Students will be able to select appropriate statistical techniques for various research situations, execute these techniques and interpret these results making appropriate inferences.

Group Therapy (12 credits)

This module aims to provide the student with a basic theoretical understanding of groups, group processes, group dynamics and the stages in group development. The module also seeks to provide students with skills to be able to plan and facilitate psycho-educational workshops and groups.

Sociology III

Community Research Methods (12 credits)

This module aims to orient the student to community based research (i.e. tools, techniques and methodologies); with the goal of helping a community identify an issue or problem, collect and analyze information and act upon the problem in order to find solutions and to promote economic, social and political development/transformation. The module will also review methodologies and approaches appropriate to community based participatory research.

Population and Development (12 credits)

This module focuses on social demography, examining such themes as socio-demographic indicators, population profile, health profile, urbanisation and migration profile, education profile, and human development profile. Students focus on local communities, South Africa and the African continent as they analyze the consequences of social demographic factors for research, policy, planning and development.

Contemporary Sociological Theory in Context (12 credits)

Contemporary Sociological Theory in Context provides an in-depth exploration of contemporary sociological theory. The implication of these theories for the challenges faced by contemporary society are debated and the student is encouraged to engage critically with these theories in light of contemporary issues such as globalisation, conflict, the environment, gender and poverty, with a special focus on South Africa and the African continent.

Senior Project Paper (12 credits)

This module provides an opportunity for final-year Sociology students to research and write a major paper about a topic of interest in their field.

Counselling III

Community Psychology (12 credits)

This module will provide an introduction to the field of community psychology. Community psychology is concerned with the interaction between individual, community and society. This module focuses on social issues that influence individuals, groups, and organisations. Community psychology as a science seeks to understand the relationships between psycho-social and environmental conditions and the development and well-being of all members of a community.

Psychological Interventions (12 credits)

The aim of this module is to equip students in the theory and practice of counselling and psychological interventions, directed towards an integrated, relevant and appropriate praxis within the South African context. Appropriate intervention strategies for issues such as HIV/AIDS, Crisis Pregnancy, Trauma and Substance Abuse will be addressed.

Advanced Counselling (12 credits)

This module will set the context in which the students will learn to develop appropriate interventions for couples, marriage and family counselling and play therapy. They will develop skills to create a therapeutic relationship and to use appropriate techniques during the counselling process.

Senior Project Paper (12 credits)

The Senior Project Paper is a theory and reflection paper based upon the final year student’s fieldwork experience in a community setting. The student will need to demonstrate mastery of theoretical counselling modalities and utilising case studies derived from practical counselling experience gained whilst working in the community.


Psychology Fieldwork and Community Interventions (24 credits)

This module aims to help the student gain practical fieldwork experience in a community setting. The student will be given opportunities to integrate theoretical counselling modalities, practical counselling skills and community interventions. The module exposes the student to a variety of mental health needs and issues in the community.

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