Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (‘BBBEE’) is back at the top of business agenda as the new BBBEE codes are implemented from 1 May 2015.

The greatest benefit derived from the new codes may well lie in the element of Skills Development. This element of the new codes is intended to force a plugging of an education gap in our employment landscape, and companies should view this as an opportunity to make a real investment in its people.

With the right education partner and a thought-out skills development strategy corporates have a relatively easy manner to  obtain up to 25 points toward a competitive BBBEE rating, whilst gaining a competitive advantage in the form of the training  and education undertaken by employees.

Aurora has worked actively in developing a plethora of accredited degrees, diplomas, and certificates that are aimed at bringing about meaningful improvement in the education, and in turn performance and ability, of a company’s employees.

Aurora’s unique use of an online learning platform enables partner companies to educate employees across various geographical regions and with limited disruption to their day-to-day activities. In addition to this, Aurora offers an education pathway for corporate employees starting at certificate programs, followed by higher certificates, diplomas and degrees. This not only facilitates the ongoing education of existing employees, but also offers opportunities for unemployed graduates to forge career paths in companies through learnerships, apprenticeships and internships.

Aurora, lastly, actively works with companies to develop bespoke courses that meet specific training and education needs, which are accredited as per the requirements of the BBBEE codes Learning Program Matrix.

Beyond the skills development element of the BBBEE codes, Aurora assists companies in their Enterprise and Supplier Development initiatives by offering education and skills training courses for a company’s chosen supplier which allows the company to derive the highest recognition for funds spent in this regard.

If you would like to engage with Aurora to help you develop an education strategy for your BBBEE scorecard, please contact us on gsb@cornerstone.ac.za or 021 448 0050 and we will be in touch.